Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ki loan result of snub by Laudrup?

Comments in Korean media seem to indicate a falling out as a result of medical treatment received by Ki

A disclaimer: this blog is based around quotes from Ki's father in the Korean media and their subsequent translation on The Roker Report - a website for Sunderland fans. Whether these are all quotes or quotes interspersed with journalism, I can't say...

Without further ado, here's the translation:

The contract made by both Ki and Swansea includes a clause that the player will be guaranteed to play the least 20 games as a starter which Ki himself wanted and included. 
The Chelsea game was his 20th game playing as a starter, and this is the game he resulted in heavy injury on his thigh. Ki told Laudrup that he would like to treat his injury in the Korean National Medical Centre as he precisely judged the facilities there are much better than those at the club. 
However, Laudrup mistakenly believed that Ki was trying to make a lame excuse after his 20th game of him being starter so as to slack off as much as he can. That inconsiderate thought of Laudrup led him to him disliking Ki. 
Laudrup later approved Ki of his suggestion and let him go get treated in Korea, and Ki believed Laudrup fully understood what he told him and took it to his heart with gratitude. 
When Ki came back, Laudrup brought in new players at his position and started ignoring him and excluding him from game to game. and this continued for a while. 
Ki realised something was wrong, and he asked Laudrup why he can't play as a regular starter. Laudrup said to Ki that he isn't trustworthy as a professional footballer and avoided Ki in any direct conversations. 
The reason why Swansea didn't get Ki back [earlier this month when they had an opinion in the loan agreement to recall him] was due to Laudrup's own objection toward the plan, yet the club, unlike Laudrup, wants to keep Ki in a long run. 
Swansea offered an extension in Ki's contract with better clauses but Ki was obviously worried about Laudrup's dislike of him. So Ki is being cautious.

There've been rumours surrounding this issue for a while, and they do reflect the comments. What I'd previously heard was that Ki had demanded to start a certain amount of games, and this led to his departure on loanj. This sounds like a more plausible explanation of the issue, although whether you choose to believe the quotes is another matter.

What I would say is that with the media starting to heap praise on Ki's affect on the Sunderland squad, and our lack of midfielders, it'd be very hard to argue letting him go out on loan wasn't a short-sighted decision. I'm a big fan of the Korean and have my fingers firmly crossed that he'll still be a SCFC player come next season - whether he wants to be is now another matter for debate, as he seems to be enjoying himself on Wearside - even scoring a couple of goals!

Hopefully any issues he had with the Swans hierarchy will be resolved by the end of the season, and he'll come back with a point to prove, and welcomed with open arms. I think it's important he realises how much Swansea fans are clamouring for his return, as with Sunderland almost certain to explore the possibility of retaining him on a permanent basis anything that could swing it in our favour would be massively beneficial. 

Over to you, fellow Swansea fans!